Memory Lane Choir

The St Agnes' Virtual Memory Lane Choir, an inclusive community which especially welcomes those diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s, their carers, family and friends and anyone else who would like to join is re-starting  September 2021, under the directorship of Gerry Noonan, Baritone and regular concert performer.

Phone 01 4562926 or  email the CCMA at to register an interest.  Participation in this choir  is free of charge.

Memory Lane Choir

The St Agnes' Memory Lane Choir warmly welcomes people with dementia, memory loss, their carers and families. It aims to incorporate social interaction, peer support, engagement and active participation to improve quality of life, communication and social  engagement and to enhance  the relationship between the person with dementia and the caregiver.
The Choir is ably directed by Baritone Gerry Noonan, and Celine Carroll  piano accompanist.

Due to the current pandemic the CCMA has move the choir on-line.



This specific project started in 2015 is necessary as dementia is an illness that presents significant challenges to our society in the 21st century: it can reduce an independent, healthy individual to
one who struggles in most aspects of life and who must rely heavily on the care provided by others. Understanding the experience of dementia from the perspectives of those
diagnosed with the condition and measuring the needs of their carers is of increasing concern to the community