Our Vision

The St. Agnes’ Community Centre for Music and the Arts (CCMA) is a centre of excellence for the promotion of cultural equality, inclusivity and wellbeing through Music and the Arts.

Our mission

The purpose of the CCMA is to create, maintain and develop positive opportunities and experiences for the enhancement and enrichment of the lives of all members of the local community through music and the arts. The CCMA strives for excellence and accessibility; and to inspire, encourage and support others towards the achievement of similar aims. CCMA is committed to promoting wellbeing, through learning, participation, development and community cohesion.

Umbrella of activities

Our Values

Active Engagement
The CCMA encourages people to engage in activities which enrich their lives. These activities promote good mental health, and nurture friendships, a sense of community and wellbeing. This engagement is a dual process mutually beneficial to the community and to the team at the CCMA.

The CCMA builds on its record and will continue to represent the community by ensuring programmes are accessible. Focusing on those living in the local community and its surroundings. Programmes strive to cater for all ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities and socio-economic status

The CCMA networks collaboratively, internally and externally, to achieve goals that would be unattainable alone. Our partnerships include; MISA, DCC Arts Office and the HSE aiming to exchange our learning and knowledge with our partners at every opportunity.

Programmes are conducted with transparency in a climate of trust underpinned by best practice as laid out in a Code of Governance and Regulatory Rules.

Every individual is valued, as a person with a contribution to make to the community, with the right to learn, to create and to be acknowledged for their creativity.