St Agnes' CCMA provides quality group music classes at an affordable price to the local Crumlin and wider community. The CCMA aims to have eight students in each class, lasting one half hour and has instruments for hire at a very affordable rate.

Registration does not guarantee a place in a class and delivery of classes only happen if there are enough students to cover costs.
Monday- Piano Accordion
2:30pm Piano Accordion Adult
Monday- Pre Instrumental and Piano Keyboard
3:15-3:45pm Pre-instrumental 3-4 years of age

These  early years pre instrumental music courses provides an  introduction to music and music-making. These classes will develop a musical sensibility in children and help them decide what instrument they may like to learn in the future.
3:45-4:15pm Pre-instrumental 5-6 years of age
4:15 - 4:45 pm Piano Keyboard Beginners under 10 years
4:45-5:15pm Piano Keyboard Beginner between 10 and 13 years
5:30-6:00pm Piano Keyboard Primary level
6:00-6:30pm Piano Keyboard Preliminary level
Tuesday - Guitar, Ukuele and Adult Choir
3:00-3:30pm Guitar 8-9 year olds
3:30-4:00pm Guitar 10-12 year olds
4:00-4:30pm Guitar 8-10 years of age with 1-2 years experience
4:30-5:00pm Guitar 12-14 years of age with 2-3 years experience
5:00-5:30pm Ukuele 9-10 years of age - Beginner
6:00-6:30pm Ukuele 11-12 years of age - Beginner
6:30-7:00pm Ukuele Adult improver
7:00-7:30pm Ukuele Adult beginner
7:30-8:00pm Guitar Adult beginner
6:45-7:45pm Adult Choir St Agnes' Community Choir - all welcome
Wednesday - Piano Keyboard, Harp and Music Theory
2:30-3:00pm Piano Keyboard Adult Improvers
3:00-3:30pm Piano Keyboard Adult Beginners
3:30-4:00pm Piano Keyboard Primary Grade
4:00-4:30pm Piano Keyboard Beginner Elementary 9 years +
4:30-5:00pm Piano Keyboard Primary /Grade 12 years+
5:00-5:30pm Piano Keyboard Grade 2
5:45-6:15pm Piano Keyboard Beginner Adult
6:30-7:00pm Guitar Adult beginner
7:00-7:30pm Guitar Adult improver
7:30-8:00pm Guitar Adult beginner
Wednesday Harp
3:15-3:45pm Harp Elementary /Beginner
3:50-4:20pm Harp Preliminary - Primary
4:30-5:00pm Harp Intermediate Grade 2
Wednesday Music Theory
5:30 pm Music Theory Beginner Children. ‘This course is perfect for anyone with an interest in music. It starts with the very basics of theory and the information is made easy to understand complementing instrument lessons. Rhythm, Notes, Reading, Ear training, Scales ,Chords, Notation, Terms & symbols explored.
6:00 pm Music Theory Beginner Adult
Thursday Baby Music
10:15am Wobblers. Children up to 18 months and cannot walk independently
11:45am Toddlers. Children up to 18 months or when they can walk independently
Thursday - Wind Instruments
6:00pm Recorder A good instrument for beginners if you wish to progress or want to take up a wind or brass instrument later.
6:30pm Flute The flute is one of the most versatile and enjoyable instruments to play. Whether you want to rock out with a band, play exciting jazz tunes, or tap into centuries of classical music, flute is the ideal instrument.
7:00 pm Saxophone Beginners
7:30 pm Saxophone Intermediate
Thursday - Concertina
6:30-7:00pm Concertina Beginners
7:00-7:30pm Concertina Intermediate
7:30-8:00pm Concertina Advanced
Friday Pre-instrumental
2:45-3:15pm Pre-instrumental 4-5 year olds
Friday violin
3:15-3:45pm Violin Very young players
3:45-4:15pm Violin Young players with some experience
3:15-4:45pm Violin Group 3 Primary/Grade 1