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St Agnes’ CCMA Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Policy



The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for the implementation of a Child Protection and Vulnerable adult policy at St. Agnes’ Community Centre for Music and the Arts.

This policy applies to all stakeholders and users of St. Agnes’ Community Centre for Music and the Arts.

The term stakeholder includes all persons who have involvement in or reason to be on the premises of St. Agnes’ Community Centre for Music and the Arts and includes:

The Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult policy is consistent with Children First Guidelines and will be updated annually to comply with any new legislative requirements, in particular with the forth coming revised version of Children First.

The protection of all children and vulnerable adults is of paramount importance and St. Agnes’ CCMA will ensure best practice at all times.

It is the policy of St. Agnes' Community Centre for Music and the Arts to ensure that stakeholders, i.e. children, older people, people with a disability or any person deemed vulnerable who partake in activities held by the board, do so with the understanding that all necessary checks have been carried out on staff and volunteers who oversee programmes where they may come into contact with vulnerable people,


All staff will ensure any issues brought to their attention are recorded and reported to the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) and passed onto the relevant authorities. Should the DLP not be available at the time the issue should be brought to the Deputy DLP and she in turn will pass on the details to the DLP.  If the DLP is not available in an emergency situation the

Deputy DLP should seek advice from the HSE and follow procedures.

In case of doubt advice will be sought from relevant bodies i.e. HSE before action is taken.

REPORTING PROCEDURE Designated Liaison Person 2016: Sr. Bernadette Sweeney

Deputy Liaison Person 2016: Ms. Joyce Russell